APPXONIC offers a smart, user-friendly and affordable web-based email marketing software solution designed to help businesses save valuable time and money. We are extremely focused on developing and delivering mobile technological solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We aspire to make email marketing available to all businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We believe in the value and freedom that comes with email marketing, and stand behind several core principles of email marketing for our company, product and service.

  • In email marketing that's smart, simple, effective and most importantly, affordable
  • Cookie-cutter templates are a definite no-no to extend your brand
  • In email campaigns free from "graffiti" in the footer
  • No one should wait more than 2 seconds for a HTML email to load
  • Marketing strategies should include email marketing - duhh
  • Software should be intuitive because manuals as reading material are overrated
  • Analytics are not just important, they're essentially crucial
  • In the freedom to integrate systems and automate emails
  • Great customer service is not only possible, it's vital


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