Here's to the power of ingenuity. Of thinking about what's possible and then making it happen.

A case in point is APPXONIC's email marketing software. It empowers you to build creative emails, enewsletters or eflyers and manage your lists to deliver results you want.

And all for less than you might imagine. How smart is that?

  • Customizable sign-up forms - easily set up, launch and manage multiple lead capture forms
  • Simple list importing and exporting - import lists or export to Excel with just a click
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe management - automatically ensure your list is accurate
  • Opt-in confirmation option - make sure subscribers really want to hear from you
  • List segmentation - send relevant emails based on specific subscriber information


  • Show off your brand - upload your own template, our logo will not be in the footer. Want a professionally designed custom template? We can help with that too
  • Or, choose a pre-designed template - ours are tested work in all major email clients
  • Edit as needed - our HTML editor makes it easy to adjust prebuilt or custom templates with your content
  • Manage images - enjoy easy uploading and storage functionality
  • Make it personal - include your recipient's name in the subject line or email
  • Adjustable "from" and "reply" fields change the email addresses as needed
  • Test in the Email Analyzer to preview your email in 30 email clients and test with 9 spam and junk filters
  • Autoresponsers - set up triggers to send at certain times or dates
  • Increase relevance - segment lists and target messages to your audience


  • Open and click tracking - lets you see who received and opened your emails, and what links they clicked
  • Record bounced emails, both hard and soft
  • Monitor your list growth and attrition
  • Compare campaigns side-by-side to track trends over time
  • Track forwards unsubscribes and abuse complaints to protect your reputation
  • See bar and line graphs of your email campaign results - showing open rates, click-throughs, bounces, and more
  • Export your reports and print them out for presentations or records
  • Use advanced list management tools for more in-depth analysis
  • Find and view reports by campaign name, date and more


  • Test in the Email Analyzer to preview your email in 30 email clients
  • Test in the Email Junk Analyzer with 9 spam and junk filters
  • Browse previous versions - No more lost content!

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