When choosing an email marketing provider, whether it is list-based or ad hoc, PRICE is always a factor in the decision-making process. APPXONIC offers affordable yet premium value pricing packages. The other most crucial factor is TRUST.  As advocates for email marketing which is sustainable and conforms to the highest standards and practices, we do not share or put up our clients' contact lists for sale or rent at any price! Do also check out our One-Stop Email Concierge rates!

Perfect for companies who sends at least one campaign a month. Each plan can support an unlimited number of blasts, so users can choose the appropriate plan based upon the total number of contacts they plan to send. The subscription adjusts automatically as your list grows or shrinks.

  200 subscribers NA NA Register for a 30-day Trial Account
  600 subscribers $11.95 $131.45
  1000 subscribers $16.95 $186.45
  2000 subscribers $27.95 $307.45
  2500 subscribers $30.95 $340.45
  5000 subscribers $55.95 $615.45
  7500 subscribers $82.95 $912.45
  10,000 subscribers $105.95 $1165.45
  15,000 subscribers $133.95 $1473.45
  20,000 subscribers $169.95 $1869.45
  25,000 subscribers $203.95 $2243.45
  30,000 subscribers $239.95 $2639.45

  1. Login details will be emailed upon successful payment.
  2. Trial accounts will only be upgraded upon successful payment.
  3. Upon payment, click below and SEND us an SMS for immediate activation.


+ No setup fees for all online subscriptions.
+ Offline monthly subscriptions are subject to a one-time setup fee of S$120 upon approval.
+ All subscriptions are subject to minimum 1-year contract.

We also call it ad hoc blasting. Great if you only send emails occasionally. You'll only pay when you send an email campaign.
Each campaign costs S$50 plus 3 cents for each recipient. eg. 435 recipients: 50 + 435(0.03) = S$63.05





+ Ad hoc accounts will be kept active 14 days from blast date for unsubscriptions, SPAM reports and performance tracking

The 'added services' below are meant to compliment only existing subscription/ad hoc accounts.

One-Stop Email Concierge - We Do It All For You!
If you are really tight up with work, we'll gladly broadcast your campaign for you. Just sit back and relax.
Project Administration and Management
+ Create, send and track services (fully-assisted)
+ Give us your template, DB and content & we are ready to go!
+ Got NO template? Let us design a Customised HTML email template for you - SCROLL DOWN!
1. Ad Hoc Package   S$250 per campaign

  One-off - No contract
Great for those who only send occasionally
PROMOTION: Buy 3 campaigns and get 1 campaign FREE!
2. Retainer Package   (based on complexity)

  Pre-paid starts at S$90 - S$110 per hour
Post-paid starts at S$120 - S$150 per hour
Minimum purchase of 15 hours
Valid for 1 YEAR
PROMOTION: Buy 50 hours and get 10 hours FREE!
Instead of paying a one-flat ad hoc fee for every campaign, you can save alot in the long-run if you are on a retainer package.
As you know, practice makes perfect. On the same notion, the time to generate subsequent editions of an email newsletter lessens considerably when the author/designer gets the hang of editing the same template over time. For example, a new email newsletter will take 3 - 5 hours to generate but once the text and images are ready, putting it together might only take 1 - 2 hours for subsequent editions.

Think about it, decide on a retainer and save heaps!
+ Ad hoc & Retainer ~ Normal turn-around time for requests: 24 hours
+ Retainer: URGENT is charged 1.5 X (eg. 30min - will be clocked 45min)



Customised HTML Email Template
Let us design and build one for you that match and complement your branding.
+ Cross-browser and cross-client compatible
+ CD & Complimentary 1 hour template training @ Appxonic office or Remote (only for non-SG-residents)
+ All customised templates comes with image working files (PSD)
1. Fresh Template   S$350 per template

2. Template Conversion   S$250 per template



Bandwidth Proof
Includes storage of up to 50 MB of images.
(approx. 500 images at 100 KB)



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